Thinking Ahead

We are a visionary membership body that provides progressive and innovative leadership with a strategic, long-term focus.

Thinking Ahead

Committee for Ballarat uses vision, strategy, engagement and influence to help create a better future for Ballarat and the western region.

We tackle the social, economic and environmental issues of our time and envision innovative ways to address them.

We employ intellectual rigour and strategic thinking to solve the problems we face now and into the future.

We connect and engage with stakeholders, involve and inform the community and seek expert advice.

And we use our influence and connections to guide and progress key projects and programs that are of benefit to our region.

Our strategic, long-term focus transcends short-term political cycles and our non-partisan position enables us to effectively advocate for sustainable, responsible and dynamic development in our region.

We work collaboratively with key stakeholders from across the region, the three tiers of government and Committees for Cities & Regions.

 Chair Janet Dore discusses what's next for Committee for Ballarat