Connectivity Project

A Committee for Ballarat project

Connectivity Project

Better connectivity will improve productivity, create sustainable jobs, drive prosperity and build better communities across our region.


To advocate for an integrated approach to transport planning that will deliver better transport infrastructure and connectivity
An integrated approach is required in order for effective infrastructure to be developed that will provide the community with better outcomes.

To future-proof our road and rail services through early planning and staged investment by successive state and federal governments
Infrastructure needs to keep pace with increasing population and to facilitate economic activity.

To secure a commitment for funding for mobile towers to improve mobile coverage and deliver a more reliable service across our region
Mobile connectivity is important for the social and economic wellbeing of our community.

To ensure that NBN is available to businesses and individuals in the region to support productivity and efficiency gains
The availability of the NBN is important for the social and economic wellbeing of our community.


The initial work of the project team has been focused on information gathering, with a range of briefings from/meetings with government and opposition members, the Department of Planning, Transport and Local Infrastructure, the Melbourne Metro Rail Authority, the Westgate Tunnel Project and the Rail Futures Institute. A goal achievement plan has also been produced.


A major initiative for 2017 was the 59-minute rail service campaign, which was launched in September and ran for two months. Click here for details.

Mobile Connectivity

In April 2017, the state government announced funding to provide better mobile connectivity along Victoria’s regional rail corridors. Trials commenced in August 2017 and full coverage is expected on the Ballarat–Melbourne rail corridor by the end of 2018.

Black Spot Program

Once the federal government’s Black Spot program is fully delivered, Ballarat and most of the region will be well covered from a mobile connectivity perspective.

National Broadband Network (NBN)

With the NBN having been rolled out for some time now in Ballarat, the city is now a well-connected community, with high-speed broadband available across most areas. This is an important selling point for Ballarat and provides a competitive advantage.

Project Team's Focus

The project team is working on receiving a commitment from government to undertake a feasibility study into the full duplication of the Ballarat–Melbourne rail corridor and participating in the Committees for Cities' advocacy for regional linkages as part of the feasibility study for an airport link.

Project Team

Chair: Nick Beale (ODP Associates)

Project Team Members: Tony Chew (Community Member), Terry Demeo (City of Ballarat), Eugene Duffy (The Courier),
Torben Fink-Jensen (Alstom), Nick Grylewicz (Integra Group), Glenn McKenzie (CDC Ballarat), Bill Mundy (Community Member), Ewen Nevett (VicRoads), Ron Selkirk (Selkirk Pty Ltd), Melanie Robertson, Janet Dore (Committee for Ballarat)