Maximising eHealth Technology (MeT)

A Committee for Ballarat project

Maximising eHealth Technology (MeT)

This project was established in conjunction with Grampians Medicare Local to look at improving health outcomes, supporting patients and reducing demand on existing health infrastructure and services by looking at world-best practice in eHealth technology to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions for our region.

Its initial focus was on three key areas and the following opportunities were identified.
Aged Care: significant improvement could be made in the areas of transfer of care and medications
Secure Messaging: there is scope for expansion in the use of eReferrals to allied health professionals and eReferrals from GP to specialist and GP to hospitals
Telehealth: this opens up a range of opportunities for both healthcare professionals and patients – appropriate equipment, interoperability of systems and training are the keys to its success

Significant work was done around secure messaging and, through training and support there has been a significant uptake in the use of secure messaging.

As part of the federal government’s health care agenda, the Medicare Local model was replaced by the Primary Health Care Network on 1 July 2015. Given that change and the original partnership with Grampians Medicare Local, the Met project team was put on hold until December 2015.

While the MeT project team considers secure messaging and increased access through online services such as telehealth and emails, health system integration, and greater accessibility to planning data as important, it is currently reviewing its priorities and the most effective way of delivering the best outcomes for Ballarat and the region.

Our Focus

  1. Exploring opportunities for using eHealth technology to improve delivery of heath services in our region.
  2. Improving access to appropriate care when and where it is needed in our region and keeping it cost effective.
  3. Reducing the demand on hospital services.
  4. Improving the sharing of patient care information between care providers to improve the patient journey.

Project Updates

For news and updates on our current work on this project please see our latest news section

Project team

Chair: Dr Helen Thompson (Federation University Australia) Members: Trevor Adem (Beaufort Skipton Health Services), Andrew McPherson (Grampians Medicare Local), Ross Davey (Argus Connect), George Fong (Lateral Plains P/L), Tanya Hahne (replaced Russell Venn Feb 2014) (Grampians Medicare Local), Garry Hurst (Ararat Medical), Meredith Johnson (Grampians Medicare Local), Gary Layton (Royal Flying Doctor Service), Kate Nolan (Ballarat Health Services IT Director), Robyn Reeves (Ballarat Community Health), David Ryan (Grampians Health Alliance), Diane Sartori (St John of God Ballarat Hospital), Chris Scott (Wimmera Health Care), Pat Standen (Department of Health), Dr Helen Thompson (Federation University Australia), Russell Venn (Grampians Medicare Local), John Kilgour (CEO Committee for Ballarat), Committee for Ballarat Secretariat Support