Maximising E-Health Technology (MeT)

A Committee for Ballarat project

Maximising E-Health Technology (MeT)

This project was established by Committee for Ballarat in conjunction with the then-Grampians Medicare Local to look at improving health outcomes, supporting patients and reducing demand on existing health infrastructure and services by looking at world’s best practice in e-health technology to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions for our region.

Since its establishment in December 2012, the Maximising eHealth Technology (MeT) project has supported a range of important outcomes and achievements. These have included the bringing together of the various health and related agencies across the Grampians and Wimmera regions, which has resulted in a greater sharing of information, collaboration and alignment of objectives in e-health. Significant inroads have also been made in areas such as secure messaging.

Following a project review in late 2016, and meetings/discussions with various stakeholders, it was agreed that the most effective way of delivering the best outcomes for Ballarat and the region was to take a more strategic rather than project-based approach. It was recommended to the Board that the MeT project team be wound up.

Regional leadership and collaboration spanning health, technology, research, big data and innovation will continue to be pursued across various stakeholder organisations. Opportunities to bring regional e-health professionals together on a periodic basis to share information in a forum or symposium-style event are also likely to be advanced.

The Board extends its thanks to the following project team members for their work in looking at ways of using new technology to improve health outcomes.

Project Team

Chair: Dr Helen Thompson (Federation University Australia). Members: Trevor Adem (Beaufort Skipton Health Services), Andrew McPherson (Grampians Medicare Local), Ross Davey (Argus Connect), George Fong (Lateral Plains P/L), Tanya Hahne (replaced Russell Venn Feb 2014) (Grampians Medicare Local), Garry Hurst (Ararat Medical), Meredith Johnson (Grampians Medicare Local), Gary Layton (Royal Flying Doctor Service), Kate Nolan (Ballarat Health Services IT Director), Robyn Reeves (Ballarat Community Health), David Ryan (Grampians Health Alliance), Diane Sartori (St John of God Ballarat Hospital), Chris Scott (Wimmera Health Care), Pat Standen (Department of Health), Dr Helen Thompson (Federation University Australia), Russell Venn (Grampians Medicare Local), John Kilgour (CEO Committee for Ballarat), Committee for Ballarat Secretariat Support