Innovation and Sustainability Project

A Committee for Ballarat project

Innovation and Sustainability Project

Innovative solutions to environmental challenges will encourage sustainable growth to support economic and social wellbeing across our region



Promoting sustainable development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the liveability of future generations.
Ensure liveability for future generations (healthy community; containing urban sprawl)

Working with key partners to promote innovation across all sectors and to position Ballarat as a leader in technologies, innovation and creativity.
Innovation important to Ballarat’s future; being seen as a leader will attract like businesses to the area and encourage new residents

Positioning Ballarat as a centre of excellence in the sustainable energy/renewable energy sector
A vibrant renewable energy sector is key to attracting additional investment (including jobs) into the region

Leading Committee members application of sustainable business practices
Adoption of these practices will provide economic and social benefits to our members, and flow through to the broader community

Project Updates

For news and updates on our current work on this project, please see our latest news section


Project Team

Chair: Todd Walker (Federation University Australia)

Team members: Tony Chew (Community Member), Steve Griffin (JB Cameron), Jeff Haydon (Central Highlands Water), Craig Hurley (Federation University Australia), tba (City of Ballarat), David Matthey (McCain Foods), Melanie Robertson (Committee for Ballarat), Don Robinson (Harwood Andrews Lawyers) David Sanders (Smart Options), Peter Tadgell (TGM), Gayle Adams (Committee for Ballarat Secretariat)