It’s time to be bold and see things in a new way

It’s time to be bold and see things in a new way

Published 5 December 2015, The Courier, Ballarat

By now a lot of people will have seen the ‘Ballarat - The Moment is Now’ ads on local TV networks.

This marketing and television campaign launched last week is an investment in Ballarat’s future, highlighting what is good and special about our city and region.

We hope it will capture the hearts and minds of community, business, influencers and innovators. That it will make locals feel proud. That it will send a message of positivity to potential residents and of confidence to businesses. And that it will compel decision makers to support regional policies and investment.

It will challenge people to look at Ballarat with fresh eyes. It’s surprising. It’s memorable. And it’s unashamedly focused on the future.

Ballarat has a great story to tell and this campaign shows how we have it all here… world-class facilities, excellent health and education services, a unique heritage and a great lifestyle.

The campaign – including a 3 minute marketing video and a series of TV commercials, all available online at – is an initiative of Committee for Ballarat supported by City of Ballarat.

But it’s for all of us. We believe that building a positive culture starts from within. Locals talking things up, being proud and showing the world what we can do.

As strong evidence of this, the video shows Ballarat in a united way and is the result of a collaborative effort.

The idea for the campaign was envisioned and developed by passionate locals in response to the challenge to promote our city as the premier regional centre in Victoria. It is based on a narrative that explores Ballarat as a centre of excellence for business, education, health, tourism, sport and recreation, the arts and food and wine, with our beautiful unspoilt region as a backdrop.

The video was produced by a local agency and features local community talent who became actors for the day. Themes were explored through an honest storytelling approach that emphasises how we can have it all here: an enviable lifestyle, a connected community and grassroots experiences balanced with capital city opportunities and world-class facilities.

So, the moment for Ballarat being now, we have a clear message.

To the state government… as the capital of western Victoria, Ballarat offers a highly attractive lifestyle community and a diverse range of business and investment opportunities. Relocating government jobs to create sustainable employment, creating an environment that attracts business investment and innovation and improving road and rail connectivity are vitally important for the future of our region.

To those who don’t know us yet… you might be surprised at who we are and what we have. As Melbourne and other major cities become increasingly congested Ballarat offers a better lifestyle alternative which is why more and more young people are choosing to relocate here from across the world.

To those who haven’t been here for a while… simply, we invite you to come and have a new look at Ballarat.

Sometimes you need to look at things in a different way. To find that what you’re looking for is right in front of you.

Janet Dore - Committee for Ballarat Chair, December 2015