Jobs & Connectivity

Better connectivity will improve productivity, create sustainable jobs, drive prosperity and build better communities across our region

Jobs & Connectivity

Our focus

1. Promoting regional developments that will stimulate investment and business opportunities.

2. Advocating for better physical and virtual connectivity that will stimulate investment and business
opportunities particularly for our regional and rural communities.

3. Working with key partners to transition to an innovative approach to pathways to employment.

 Key Issues


Love Ballarat Videos

 As part of the Love Ballarat campaign, the City of Ballarat has made a number of videos to promote the city. Two of those videos, Building the West and Ballarat's Strategy and Economy, prominently feature commentary from Committee for Ballarat chair, Janet Dore.

The messages of these videos strongly align with Committee's long-term vision for the development of Ballarat and the region.

Please click here to view Building the West.

Please click here to view Ballarat's Strategy and Economy.