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latest news

Get on Board - #59minuteballarat

20 Sep 2017

To highlight the importance of a fast and reliable rail connection with Melbourne, Committee for Ballarat will launch its #59minuteballarat campaign at 0700 on 21 September 2017 adjacent to the Ballarat Railway Station.

Advanced Manufacturing Growth Fund

26 Jul 2017

The Australian Government has created the $47.5 million Advanced Manufacturing Growth Fund to support firms to invest in capital projects to establish and expand advanced manufacturing activities in Victoria and South Australia.

Thought leadership and strong partnerships have produced a successful formula

20 Jul 2017

We take time to celebrate and reflect on our achievements. We could not be more pleased with the recent announcements. seeing long term vision becoming a reality

Regional rail revival back in play

28 Jun 2017

The federal government announced on Monday it would handover $1.42 billion including just over half a billion dollars for upgrades to the Ballarat line

Finkle Review needed for business

15 Jun 2017

Committee for Ballarat has urged the federal government to give business certainty and support the chief scientist's energy market review.

Freight Hub is vital for the future of BWEZ

13 Jun 2017

The Freight Hub is absolutely vital for the future of BWEZ and will be pivotal for creating new jobs and encouraging entrepreneurs to invest here

Victorian budget: Hundreds of government jobs to move to Ballarat

04 May 2017

The Victorian Government will move 600 public sector jobs to Ballarat at a cost of $47.8 million as part of a four-year plan to decentralise the workforce.

City's white-collar future

03 May 2017

After years of speculation, Ballarat's public sector jobs push has finally been answered, with the state government committing to shifting 600 roles to the Civic Hall site.

Old concept with new jobs

29 Apr 2017

As Ballarat lobbies Canberra and Spring Street for a public service jobs boon, it's timely to look at what's needed to ensure a successful department shift.

Jobs key to our future

27 Apr 2017

Transforming our city into the heart of western Victoria relies on the ability to attract jobs, students and higher-density housing into central Ballarat. The success of the bold CBD vision relies on the creation of up to 1000 government jobs.

Ballarat gets carriages but stays on feet

25 Apr 2017

While the Ballarat line has been the main recipient of the first of 48 train carriages rolled out by the state government, commuters on the service can expect to keep standing for some time yet.

What Ballarat needs in the Budget

22 Apr 2017

Representatives from the City of Ballarat, Commerce Ballarat and Committee for Ballarat have all listed an influx of government jobs at the top of the their wishlist ahead of the 3 May Budget, with council putting the desired figure at 1000 positions.