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Mars Australia established its first manufacturing plant in Ballarat in 1979. Since then, we have developed a reputation synonymous with quality, value and enjoyment providing people with the simple pleasure of savouring the world’s best—loved chocolate company. The chocolate unit manufactures and markets iconic brands like MARS®, M&Ms®, SNICKERS®, MALTESERS®, BOUNTY®, DOVE®, MILKWAY®, TWIX® & PODS®. 

Mars Chocolate Australia is the second largest confectionery company in Australia with sales in excess of $350 million annually. Mars Chocolate is a division of Mars Incorporated which is a family owned company. Mars Chocolate Australia employs over 500 Associates in Australia. Mars Chocolate Australia exports to New Zealand, Japan and China.


Chris Wright

Website: www.mars.com

Phone: 03 5337 7000