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Regional water corporation

What do you do

We are a regional water corporation. We provide high quality drinking water, sewerage, trade waste and recycled water services to customers in the Central Highlands region of Victoria.

At Central Highlands Water we work with communities, customers and stakeholders to fund, construct and manage state of the art water and wastewater infrastructure and facilities.

Water is essential to many things we take for granted. Central Highlands Water and its predecessors have been providing the community with safe and reliable drinking water since 1862. As towns throughout the Central Highlands region have grown, so have the water and sewerage services we provide to many communities. Whilst our service area has increased significantly since 1862, our goal to provide customers with safe and reliable access to water and sewerage services (where applicable) and respond to emergencies and faults swiftly remains at the core of what we do.


Central Highlands Water services 130,000 people across the Central Highlands region of Victoria. We maintain 15 water supply systems which include 30 reservoirs, 12 sewerage systems and 15 water treatment plants covering an area of 9,275 square kilometres which is the equivalent to 2400kms of Water Mains and 2400kms of Sewer Mains.

Vision and values

Our Vision: A sustainable water future based on community partnerships. Our core values

Our core values enable us to provide quality water and wastewater services fairly, efficiently and sustainably to communities in the Central Highlands region.

Our business objectives are underpinned by four core values:

With our customers and stakeholders to ensure we meet their expectations.
Between staff, management and the Board to ensure an efficient team effort in delivering water and sewerage services to our customers.

We offer industry leadership, manage limited resources and provide products and services to meet customer needs.
We are always seeking to understand what we are trying to achieve and how we can achieve this outcome more effectively.

We deliver water and wastewater services 24/7.
We deliver on our promises to customers and stakeholders.

As stewards for present and future generations we are trusted to manage our resources sustainably, and for the quality of the products and services we provide.
We trust our colleagues to work together to deliver the business objectives.


187 full time employees (equivalent)

Best aspects

We contribute to public health of Ballarat through providing safe and reliable water and wastewater services. We have played a key role in the residential and commercial growth and development of Ballarat since the first permanent water supply was established in 1862.

Views of the region

Our staff, management and Board are passionate about providing quality water and wastewater services fairly, efficiently and sustainably to communities in the Central Highlands region

Ballarat is...

A. Our Customers B. Our Community C. Our Stakeholders D. Growing and vibrant - a great place to do business in!


Paul O'Donohue
Managing Director

Website: www.chw.net.au

Phone: 1800 061 514