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Museum and Major Tourism Attraction

What do you do

Sovereign Hill is one of Australia’s most visited cultural tourism attractions and has twice won the Award as Australia’s Major Tourist Attraction . It is a fully- accredited outdoor heritage museum , based on the fabulous Australian gold rushes of the nineteenth century and delivers the major social history museum of the Ballarat region.

Sovereign Hill attracts over 700,000 visitors annually to its three major businesses , namely the Outdoor Museum , the Gold Museum and the acclaimed sound and light show , Blood on the Southern Cross. This last presentation delivers over 70,000 bed nights per annum alone to the region’s accommodation sector .

Sovereign Hill employs 380 staff in total and provides volunteering opportunities for a further 220 district residents . Sovereign Hill operates on a site that itself was the scene of frenetic mining activity in the initial gold rushes and then become the centre of the later quartz mining activities of the many companies formed from the 1870s onwards to exploit Ballarat’s famous gold reefs.

It is a not for profit company, limited by guarantee and has traded at a profit since opening on 29 November, 1970. The company structure sees a Board of Directors (voluntary) , acting a stewards of this community-based asset. The company’s activities are managed by a professional staff , led since 2002 by Chief Executive Officer, Jeremy Johnson.


Sovereign Hill provides our community with an internationally renowned cultural tourism experience . We provide educational services to over 100,000 school children annually and have over 26% of our visitor base come from international markets, most notably mainland China

Vision and values

Sovereign Hill’s vision is to be a leader amongst the world’s best outdoor museums .

Our mission is to present , in a dynamic group of museums, the mining, social, cultural and environmental heritage of the Ballarat region and its impact on Australia’s national story .

Our guiding principles include that we will ensure that our visitors are engaged , informed, entertained and become our best advocates


Sovereign Hill has 380 staff in total , covering its various facets of operation . This equates to about 220 equivalent Full-time staff numbers . The disciplines covered include marketing , design and creative development, commercial and museum operations, education, catering services , administration and engineering.

Best aspects

Being based in Ballarat gives Sovereign Hill its sense of independence from government control. We exist as a separate legal entity , independent of state, federal and local government.

Since the first creation of the project here, Sovereign Hill has had to stand on its own feet in financial terms and has enjoyed outstanding community support from the region. Ballarat citizens are rightly proud of what has been achieved.

Views of the region

Ballarat has some of the best cultural and heritage tourism assets in Australia. Its proximity to Melbourne and particularly to its airport has opened up great opportunities for business development in all sectors

Ballarat is...

Australia's home of heritage


Sara Quon
Chief Executive Officer

Website: www.sovereignhill.com.au

Phone: 03 5337 1100