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Current Chair of the Leadership Ballarat & Western Region (LBWR)and graduate of the Williamson Community Leadership Program (WCLP) in Melbourne.

I have a deep interest in leadership and in strategic foresight (‘futuring’), two closely-related concepts. The experience of participating in the WCLP was life-changing because it gave me a much greater understanding of the issues we face in society, and caused me to understand that I had a contribution to make in addressing those issues. WCLP left me very committed to similar programs, such as LBWR, because I know the importance of what they offer individuals and communities.

I hold a very strong view that self-awareness is critical to anyone’s leadership journey and indeed success in the world. My aim is to show that I do think about leadership as a concept and what we are trying to achieve through the LBWR. I believe I bring clear and considered strategic thinking to the Committee, balanced by a practical approach to the realities of operations.