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What do you do

Ararat Rural City lies at an important junction of the Western and Pyrenees highways 198 kilometres north-west of Melbourne, approximately a quarter of the way between Melbourne and Adelaide. Centrally located to the Grampians National Park, the Goldfields, the Southern Coast and metropolitan Melbourne, the Ararat region is not far from anywhere.

Ararat is a major regional service centre in Victoria’s mid-west and is supported by a number of small rural townships. Ararat Rural City has excellent schools, hospitals, transport connections and amenities that support a regional lifestyle.

Ararat Rural City is also the gateway to the world-renowned Grampians region where local produce, wine production, agriculture and tourism are among the economic mainstays. Diverse retail and manufacturing industries are spearheading a growing economy.

The region is nestled within picturesque landscapes which include magnificent natural environments and beautiful inland lakes. Our environment allows for a diverse range of recreational activities to be enjoyed by both residents and visitors to the municipality.

Council has a strong cultural relationship with its Sister City Taishan, and its three Friendship Cities: Yiwu, Huzhou and Ji’an in China.


Council is involved with providing an extensive range of services to the urban and rural communities of the municipality.
Municipality Snapshot:
Population 11,297 (Australian Bureau of Statistics — Estimated Resident Population)
Area 4,230 square kilometres
Rateable properties 7,017
Length of sealed local roads 917 kms
Length of unsealed local roads 1,466 kms

Vision and values

Our Vision: Ararat Rural City — Your location of choice.

Our Mission Statement: We will provide responsible and effective leadership through a consultative approach with the aim of delivering improved and sustainable quality of life for all of our growing communities.

Our Values:
Respect - Respect for each other and the wider community.
Excellence - Striving for ongoing professionalism and organisational excellence. Passion - Passion for our people, community and services.


Seven councillors were elected at the 22 October 2016 election for a four-year term. The Chief Executive Officer has a team of three directors – Director Assets, Finances and Corporate Services; Director Council Services; Director Corporate Strategy Risk and Governance. Ararat Rural City Council has approximately 126.6 EFT.


Dr Tim Harrison
Chief Executive Officer


Phone: 5355 0200