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What do you do

Bank Australia is a 100% customer-owned, responsible bank. We reinvest in the bank to provide fairer fees, better interest rates and responsible products for our customers.

We are not a new bank, but one with a rich history. Our success story is made up of the individual stories of tens of thousands of people who have been customers and owners of our bank since 1957. Over the past decade, our customers have collectively been around $20 million better off each year with Bank Australia than the big four.

Our customers look to us for competitive prices and personal service. They also look to us to be genuinely responsible and progressive with values that mirror their own – a bank that creates mutual prosperity and plays an important role in building a strong, fair nation and a healthy planet.

Bank Australia is a bank all Australians can call their own.

Vision and values

Our business is customer-owned responsible banking. And we are in business to create mutual prosperity – for our customers, the communities they live in, and the planet we all live on.

We create mutual prosperity by:

• being true to our customer owned model (this allows us to put profits back into providing competitive rates and fees and to always act in the long-term best interests of our customers)
• investing up to 4% of our profits through the Bank Australia Impact Fund (this allows us to support projects that have meaningful positive impacts)
• staying carbon neutral and contributing to a healthier planet through investments such as the Bank Australia Conservation Reserve
• creating and keeping jobs in Australia, such as our call centre and lending centre, which are based in regional Victoria.


We employ approximately 350 staff who work in diverse roles from customer service, retail banking and lending, to legal, payments, technology, marketing, business development, finance and administration.

Our staff work in 25 offices and branches across Australia. Our call centre, lending operations and processing are based in regional Victoria while our head office is in Kew in Melbourne. We also have branches in Queensland, Adelaide, Canberra and Sydney.


Danielle Rasmussen
Ballarat Branch Manager


Phone: 03 5320 0701