Our Work

Committee for Ballarat will influence economic and social agendas to stimulate investment, future-proof jobs and build dynamic, vibrant communities across our region.

Our Work

As a result of our advocacy and support, we have played an influential role in securing funding and delivering major projects and programs that benefit our region.

The key issues identified by our members will provide the focus areas for our work over the next three to five years under our realigned Strategic Drivers.

To read our Strategic Action Plan for Ballarat and Region 2016-20, click here

Strategic Drivers

Jobs & Connectivity – Better connectivity will improve productivity, create sustainable jobs, drive prosperity and build better communities across our region. Read more here...

Innovation & Sustainability – Innovative solutions to environmental challenges will encourage sustainable growth to support economic and social wellbeing across our region. Read more here....

Health & Community – Better health and wellbeing for all residents will build healthier and more liveable communities across our region. Read more here....

Over the next five years we will seize opportunities that will:

Create jobs

We will continue to support regional developments such as the Ballarat West Employment Zone and relocation of a state government department to Ballarat.

Align skills with industry needs
We will use our influence to facilitate the development of an innovative approach to learning and create new pathways to employment that address existing gaps.

Create better linkages across the region
We will support major transport infrastructure developments that will drive prosperity for our regional communities by improving productivity and business opportunities.

Attract investment in innovation
We will work with key partners to transition Ballarat and the region into a new economy based on new technologies, innovation clusters and creativity, and position our region with a competitive advantage in the bio-resources sector.

Build more liveable communities
We will be relentless in our support of initiatives that improve the physical and social health and wellbeing of residents and that foster vibrant, diverse, connected and inclusive communities.

Revitalise the Ballarat CBD
We will advocate for developments that will generate social and economic vibrancy in the heart of the city through major projects such as the redevelopment of the Civic Hall site and the Ballarat Station precinct.

Brave visionary leadership
We will continue to push for strong and visionary leadership from the three levels of government, with a focus on long-term strategic development across our region.