Revitalising the ACU-Hospitals-Lake Wendouree Precinct (RAHP)

A Committee for Ballarat project

Revitalising the ACU-Hospitals-Lake Wendouree Precinct (RAHP)

This project is focused on the development of an iconic health and education precinct will attract high-quality professionals to meet our future health and education needs. An enlivened health and education precinct has the capacity to reposition Ballarat and the region in the minds of prospective residents, businesses, investors, students and workers.

The ‘health and education precinct’ covers the area around the Australian Catholic University’s Ballarat Campus, Ballarat Health Service’s Ballarat campus, St John of God Hospital Ballarat, Ballarat Clarendon College’s Mair Street campus and the south-east area of Lake Wendouree.

Our Focus

  1. Enabling development of this area as an iconic precinct so that it is highly attractive, liveable and commercially viable.
  2. Embracing the benefits of accelerated growth in the health and education professions in this precinct as a major services hub for Ballarat and Greater Western Region.


Following the RAHP project team's requests for improvements to pedestrian safety and amenity in the area, Council and VicRoads have submitted a range of business cases for state government funding of infrastructure works in the precinct.

Council released the Ballarat Health and Education Precinct – Background and Issues Paper in July 2017, which has been the next important step towards a new long-term plan for development of the precinct. All residents and stakeholders were invited to provide feedback.

In recent times, the key focus of the RAHP project team has been on the delivery of a precinct structure plan for the health and education precinct. Once the feedback on the issues paper has been analysed and recommendations have been incorporated into a masterplan as part of the City of Ballarat's Planning Scheme, the RAHP project team will review its role/focus.

The Committee for Ballarat Board extends its thanks to the members of the RAHP project team for their important ongoing work in developing an iconic medical, health and education precinct for our region.

Project Team

Chair: Dale Fraser (Ballarat Health Services) Members: Adam Ryan (Ballarat Clarendon College), Bridget Aitchison (Australian Catholic University Ballarat Campus), Terry Demeo (City of Ballarat), James Guy (City of Ballarat), Melanie Robertson (CEO Committee for Ballarat), Committee for Ballarat Secretariat Support

Major partners/stakeholders: Ballarat Health Services, St John of God Ballarat Hospital, 
Australian Catholic University Ballarat Campus, Ballarat Clarendon College, City of Ballarat, Regional Development Victoria