Sustainable Living

A Committee for Ballarat project

Sustainable Living

This project is focused on driving innovation around environmental issues including a secure water supply, waste management and alternative sources of sustainable energy. We want to achieve funding to evaluate bio-energy or similar R&D business that will drive innovation.

Our Focus 

  1. Ensuring a secure and sustainable water supply that will support our projected population growth.
  2. Managing and re-using our waste, particularly green waste, reducing our use of landfill and identifying opportunities to support biotechnology and innovative solutions.
  3. Securing affordable energy solutions to sustain and attract business in an increasingly expensive energy environment.
  4. Influencing political and community attitudes on issues around sustainability and preserving our natural environment.

Project Updates

For news and updates on our current work on this project, please see our latest news section

Our Performance 2015-16


We have published position statements on climate change and population growth... to read click here.

What's Ahead

Project Team

Chair: Peter Tadgell (TGM Group). Members: Lauren Burch (City of Ballarat), Tony Chew (Community Member), Craig Hurley (Federation University Australia), Jeff Haydon (Central Highlands Water), Melanie Robertson (CEO Committee for Ballarat), Committee for Ballarat Secretariat Support Major partners/stakeholders: City of Ballarat, Central Highlands Water, Hepburn Shire, Golden Plains Shire, Regional Sustainability Alliance, Corangamite Catchment Management Authority.

Living Ballarat Project

The Living Victoria policy is an initiative of the Victorian Government, through the Office 
of Living Victoria (OLV), to help guide Victoria, our water industry, associated sectors and community through the transformation of the way urban environment and water cycle systems are planned for, designed and managed.

The Living Ballarat project involves the co-design with key stakeholders and the local community of a framework that integrates planning of water systems into planning for construction or redevelopment of buildings, neighbourhoods, and precincts in the City of Ballarat and neighbouring growth areas.

Ballarat’s water future strategy document – Help Shape our Water Future – will be published in 2014 with two foundation projects to be established.

Bio-Economy Innovation Centre and R&D Testing Facility

We will continue to actively support the City of Ballarat and the Victorian Centre for Advanced Materials Manufacturing (VCAMM) in advocating for funding to establish the Bio-Economy Innovation Centre at BWEZ and to accelerate the development of the emerging industry and facilitate technology transfer and collaborative projects.

Waste-to-Energy Project

This innovative project will use waste currently sent to landfill to produce higher-value products that include energy, recyclables and other products and materials. Such innovation will significantly reduce the amount of landfill and reduce carbon emissions. Further, with direct connection to industry within BWEZ, it will provide those businesses with access to a low-cost and secure energy source. The concept is also an enabler for a growing a clean-tech industry in western Victoria.

VCAMM will support industry participants and advanced 
waste management and resource recovery through R&D, trials, commercialisation and market deployment of high-end processes, materials and products.

VCAMM will provide a critical link between establishing emerging bio-waste energy-harvesting technologies and opportunities generated by manufacturing, universities and manufacturing research industries.