Upcoming Dinners

Round Table Dinners

Upcoming Dinners

We are looking forward to our 2018 Round Table Dinners

Thursday 22 November 2018 (invitations will be sent to all members in October)

Our final dinner for 2018 will feature a keynote address from Ms Rosie Batty.

Family violence campaigner Rosie Batty was the 2015 Australian of the Year and the Pride of Australia's National Courage Medal recipient. Her credentials also include:

Recently, Rosie received an honorary doctorate from the University of the Sunshine Coast for her contribution to raising national awareness and action concerning family violence.

Rosie is a leader in the crusade against domestic violence and has turned her personal tragedy into a fight to help others. Rosie's name has become synonymous with the words "courage" and "resilience". Only hours after her son's life was tragically taken, Rosie gave voice to many thousands of victims of domestic violence who had until then remained unheard.

Rosie continues to champion efforts in the fight against domestic violence and, along with the former Victorian Police Chief Ken Lay, has been named as a founding member of an advisory panel on preventing violence against women.

Her public-speaking appearances are a remarkable story of resilience, courage, inspiration and making a difference.

Rosie's incredible strength and selfless efforts are an inspiration to many people.