Photos of the Ballarat Base Hospital, Ballarat Train station and an aerial view of Sturt Street.



Committee for Ballarat are very pleased to see an additional $54m for the Ballarat Base Hospital redevelopment. It will go a long way in helping to ‘kit-out’ the new spaces within the hospital and ensure its operational capability matches the investment in its bricks and mortar.

Additional funding for the railway station will ensure the upgrades can achieve the accessibility outcomes the station desperately needs. We call on all parties to ensure this much-needed upgrade gets underway without further delay.

The funding to families of school aged children will go some way in easing some of the short term pains of the cost of living.

We acknowledge this is a budget delivered during a time of fiscal constraint. That said, we will continue to advocate for investment in the key projects that will be transformative for our region. These include the completion of the Sovereign Hill Master Plan, the transition of Federation University into Ballarat’s CBD, the Circular Economy Precinct at BWEZ and ‘fit for purpose’ facilities for Community Mental Health.

Ballarat needs new investment in the major projects that will help transform our city and our economy and deliver enormous value to our community. We will be consistent in our advocacy for these large projects that our community have told us are crucial.