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The latest COVID lockdown in Victoria is a massive call to action – the alarm is ringing loudly


Among all the factors we cannot control with this virus, there are three issues we can control.

  1. Continue our absolute vigilance for hand hygiene, physical distancing wearing face masks where required, staying home if you are unwell and getting tested if you have even the slightest of symptoms
  1. Get vaccinated if you are eligible and if you have any doubts, consider the repercussions of not getting vaccinated
  1. Urgently build specialist fit for purpose quarantine facilities.

Specialist quarantine facilities must be urgently set, as recommended in Dec 2020 by the State Government’s enquiry into Hotel Quarantine.

It’s time to drop the word Hotel from our quarantine discussion.

We need designated quarantine facilities, and let hotels do what they were designed for. Hotels have served their purpose but cannot continue to be the answer to an effective quarantine system.

We know this outbreak is again the result of a ‘leakage’ from Hotel Quarantine, the 17th around the country in the past 6 months. It is clear we have a problem, despite the thousands who have gone through Hotel Quarantine, the risks are simply unacceptable.

17 outbreaks has had and continues to have, a devastating and massive impact, economically and socially on our country. We can no longer accept Hotel Quarantine when we know there is a better, fit for purpose solution that is effective and achievable now.

We call on the federal government to back the Victorian Government’s proposal and urgently build a specialist quarantine facility in Victoria. Such a facility is part of the long-term solution to managing COVID and will help protect our community for the many months that lie ahead as we continue to
battle this pandemic.