CEO Update – July 2022


The three key pillars of Committee for Ballarat’s Strategic Action Plan are Liveability, Connectivity, and Leadership.

In 2022, Committee is running its 17th consecutive Regional Community Leadership Program, known as Future Shapers – previously known as LBWR (Leadership Ballarat & Western Region). Our Leadership ‘agenda’ aims to deliver transformative leadership programs that unlock the potential of our participants for the benefit of our region.

At a deeper level, our leadership program over many years has helped build our regional capability across business, industry, government, and the community. In doing so, we have been able to integrate contemporary leadership principles into workplaces, on Boards of Management and community organisaitons, and helped to enhance the delivery of positive outcomes for our region.

Committee is responding to the additional demands on our leaders at this time of COVID recovery. A vast number of our members and businesses are transitioning to the demands of a more flexible workplace, and are considering the impacts of the new model of hybrid work. Many are considering how to harness the strength-enhancing wellbeing, motivation, cooperation and success of their teams while they combine working from home and the office.

Ellen Jackson is an experienced and highly respected workplace psychologist and as part of Committee’s leadership programs, will deliver a unique workshop aimed at highlighting strengths as the basic building blocks of a flourishing life and thriving workplace environment.

The workshop is open to members and non-members of Committee for Ballarat and will be held on the afternoon of Tuesday 30 August, as part of Commerce Ballarat’s B31 Business Festival.

Further details and registrations can be found here

This workshop will bring together many who are looking to engage, collaborate, innovate and learn, with a particular focus on how recognising our strengths may just be the simplest and most effective way to realise our potential.