The Future Shapers 2023 group wearing yellow high-vis vests are standing in front of biodigesters at Gaia EnviroTech

Reflections on Future Shapers “Sustainable Future” Program Day


What a day, Syndicate 1, what a day. You’ve set the bar and it sure is high.

The whole morning blew me away, discovering Gekko-Town – I’m so grateful they pulled back the curtain and showed us what a fantastic world they are building there with the Gaia project. World-class innovation here at home.

It reminded me of how developmentally critical it is to have great big ideas floating around like clouds… and the incredible impact they can have when we wrangle them to the ground and convert them to real-world business. Lead – but also, do.

McCain was fabulous too, Scott was engaging and knowledgeable and I’m thankful that he reminded me to always bring passion and the human touch to my presentations, too.

I’ll also carry with me the idea that for both of them, Luke and Scott, even though they have incredible jobs they still face challenges – most notably the constant battle for financial justification, the constant grant chasing, the constant fight for profit or at least cost parity. Even though they champion impactful environmental projects, their influence is still guided by the dollar.

I love their real-world examples of not only rising to that challenge, but exceeding it with scalable innovation. It gives me hope that innovation can win the battle… and the war.

I think I’ll take that with me the most, when I’m daydreaming at work, that idea of not just sustainability, but profitable sustainability. True circular economy.

Future Shapers 2023 Participant