A group of people sitting around a large table. In the background is a screen with "Ballarat Energy Network. A New Energy Future" displayed on it

BEN Advisory Group


The Advisory Group of the BEN, Chaired by Federation University’s Bill Mundy, met for the first time recently and confirmed two key principles.

First, that BEN is a model that seeks to aggregated locally generated renewable energy, share it across business, industry, local government and the community, and trade on the National Energy Market (NEM). Secondly, BEN is a model that will be locally owned, partnered with organisations and have its own governance structure to ensure it can build community value and social licence for renewable energy investment.

To achieve this, work will commence shortly that will aim to build an appropriate feasibility and business case. Businesses will be invited to be part of a project that will report on energy management opportunities and estimated impact of new renewable generation for their business and how this might contribute to an integrated local distribution network