CEO Update – February 2023


Welcome back to 2023 and what will be an exciting year ahead for our region.

Our recent member survey noted 55% of respondents were more optimistic or significantly more optimistic for their business than they were at this time last year. 27% of respondents reported “about the same” level of optimism and 18% were less optimistic.

We have much to look forward to with

  • Commonwealth Games
  • Opportunities to accelerate zero emissions transport
  • Leadership to realise the potential benefits of renewable energy for our entire community
  • Partnerships to align the business, community and educations sectors to rapidly address our needs for workforce and skills
  • and our continued work to develop regional capability through Community Leadership programs, including Future Shapers ’23.

In relation to employment, monthly job vacancies in Ballarat and the Central Highlands recorded the second lowest dip in regional Australia in December 2022, down from 1,439 vacancies in November to 1,361 vacancies in December (5.4% decrease). Whilst job vacancy data across all regional areas in Australia dipped in December 2022, regional Australia’s unemployment rates continue to be lower than in metropolitan areas. To view the Regional Australia Institute’s (RAI) Regional Labour Market Update – December Quarter, click here

We know the challenges we currently face in our labour market, especially regarding attracting workers. Given these challenges, we must also focus on workforce retention.  Enhancing the social purpose and meaning in our workplaces connects people in extraordinary ways. In the words of Bea Boccalandro, “if your job doesn’t improve the world, improve your job”

Committee for Ballarat invites you to attend Corporate Citizenship: Making a Positive Impact, Together

It is a one day Professional and Personal Development workshop that will highlight how social purpose improves job motivation, performance and satisfaction which, in turn, improves happiness and wellbeing in our work and personal lives.

The evidence is clear, Corporate Citizenship that builds meaning and purpose is perhaps the most significant workforce attraction and retention strategy we can develop. Join us on 23 March as we explore how, by showcasing international, national and local best practice. Purchase tickets here

Our exclusive member events will continue to provide opportunity for thought leadership, advocacy and influence in 2023. Renewable Energy will be a significant focus on our Member Insight sessions, including waste-to-energy and the opportunities the circular economy presents. Our Friday Breakfasts will resume in March and we have already begun to review the Ballarat Now and Into the Future (BNIF 2022) projects together with our key regional stakeholders.

Committee’s membership will continue to “think ahead” and look to the long-term transformative opportunities that will ensure our region continues to strive towards a vibrant community, recognised for its liveability, sustainability and inclusiveness.

We look forward to your continued involvement in our community in 2023.