CEO Update – March 2023


We are excited to see Federation University launch its Cooperative Education model which will position them as Australia’s first Cooperative Education University. ‘Co-Op’ as it is known, will transform the way industry and higher education work together. This will ensure we have graduates who can enter the workforce with the attributes and experiences that make them immediately employable.

As Australia’s first Cooperative Education University, Federation University will develop critical partnerships with business, industry and the community that will result in more agile and fit-for-purpose experiences. Co-op will be a game changer for our region as we continue to develop the workforce we need for the future.

And when it comes to workforce, we continue to hear stories of labour shortages. Attracting and retaining personnel is one of the most pressing current workplace challenges. The evidence is clear, building social purpose and meaning at work is good for business, improves job motivation, performance, satisfaction and success which, in turn, improves happiness and wellbeing in our work and our personal lives.

If you haven’t done so already, join Committee for Ballarat for its Corporate Citizenship forum (23 March 2023) and hear from the experts about how Doing Good At Work is good for us all.