Photo of the cover of the Committee for Ballarat Strategic Plan 2023-2026

CEO Update – October 2023


I am pleased to announce Committee for Ballarat will launch both our 2021-22 Annual Report and new 2023-2026 Strategic Plan at our Annual General Meeting, Tuesday 31 October.

Members and other interested stakeholders are encouraged to review both documents and we look forward to your feedback. Whilst the Annual Report looks back at the year that was, the Strategic Plan affirms our purpose, sets our vision and identifies our key focus areas as we continue to strive for a liveable, sustainable, inclusive and prosperous future.

The Strategic Plan is Committee for Ballarat’s roadmap from now until the end of 2026. Its development started back in December 2022 with a membership survey that identified priority issues for our city and the region. The plan was then developed, crafted and refined through a number of processes including full member forums and specific engagement with our Corporate Gold and Executive members.

Significant and continuous input has been provided by our Board of Directors throughout the process, as ultimately it is the Board who has responsibility for its delivery and governance.

The Strategic Plan has been designed by our members and is for our members. It is the framework that shapes our membership value proposition. Day to day, we will use it to develop the action plans that focus our work and ensure we continue to have impact and influence, consistent with our strategic direction in the years ahead.

We are grateful for the input over many months from a large and varied group of our members. We are proud of the outcome and look forward to launching it formally at the AGM.