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Committee for Ballarat welcomes easing of restrictions announced today for regional Vic


Committee for Ballarat welcomes the easing of restrictions announced today for regional Victoria. We recognise this is an incredibly complex and serious set of circumstances and whilst none of us want to be where we are, we know the risks associated with not stamping down on this latest outbreak in Victoria.

Regional Victoria has largely avoided the impacts of this latest outbreak but we know the state is not yet through this. For a different set of restrictions to apply between metropolitan and regional Victoria gives our regional community the chance to quickly recover from this latest lockdown.

Committee calls on our regional community to safely, and with full regard for the restrictions that are in place, get behind our regional businesses and support each other. There is much we can do and with full regard for the restrictions, so once again, let’s get behind each other and support our local and regional community.

Check in when you are moving around with the available QR codes, wear your masks where required, abide by physical distancing requirements and get tested if you have the slightest of symptoms.

Committee also acknowledges the additional financial support for business and especially regional tourism.  We support the state government’s call to the Federal Government for the re-introduction of a JobKeeper style support package for workplaces and employees who continue to be adversely impacted. We are still in the midst of this pandemic and support to those most impacted is still required.

Committee calls on the Federal and State Government’s to work together to best support those in our community who are suffering as a result of the impacts of this pandemic.