5 former Future Shapers participants sit under a screen that says "Leadership - Future Shapers - Committee for Ballarat. Community Projects 2023"

Community Impact Takes Centre Stage as Leaders Collaborate


Future Shapers Kick Off Community Projects
This is the third year that our Future Shapers will design and deliver community impact projects.

In early June FS23 set about understanding the project management process, ably assisted by Claire Huntington from Business Story Lab (and FS22 alumni) and Jacki Whitwell from Jacki Whitwell Consulting – and a Future Shaper herself this year. Claire helped the group to understand how to identify and scope, plan and implement an impactful project, while Jacki explored how to measure a project’s social impact.

The group were inspired and enthused by the content which prepared them for the next stage of the projects – idea exploration.

“Having qualifications in Project Management and managing multiple projects over the years I was keen to know how this day would have impact on my own skills and knowledge. And like most things with Future Shapers, I was enlightened, entertained and upskilled” – FS23 participant

In their second June session together, Future Shapers 2023 began workshopping their current project ideas and self-organising around the topics that most excited and inspired them. In a wonderful show of collective leadership, they were joined by members of the Future Shapers 2021 and 2022 cohorts who shared their best tips, tricks and advice on bringing a community project to life – and reminded them that there is an extensive alumni network keen and eager to support them in the shaping and delivery of their projects this year.

You can read about last year’s Community Projects here.

Stay tuned for updates on this year’s exciting initiatives.