From the CEO


We all look forward to the months ahead with confidence that Omicron is on the way out, our health system has stood up to yet another test and our community is ready to again prosper and thrive.

2022 will be unique with both a federal and state election. This will provide an enormous opportunity for our voice to be heard, as collectively we advocate for projects that will unlock the potential of the city and the region.

Committee will align with the City of Ballarat, Commerce Ballarat and the other key stakeholder and industry groups, to ensure our City and regions’ Government Advocacy Strategy is a collaborative one. This strategy will focus on five key projects areas (in no priority order):

– Circular economy
– Connectivity
– Education
– Health
– Visitor economy

When the timing is right to ensure we amplify our political voice, we will release the details of these projects as a ‘city-wide collaboration’, to generate maximum impact.

Committee’s February Round Table Dinner – Cocktail Gala will focus on sustainability. Internationally, trillions of dollars are being invested by business, the community, and government in collaboration, innovation, and initiatives to address climate change. This Round Table Dinner will set up our Strategic Action Plan work in 2022, specifically to lead a multi-stakeholder approach to explore a community energy network for Ballarat and the region, driven by 100% renewable energy.

This strategic work will focus on reducing the cost of energy to our members and the region, creating new jobs through innovative new industries, building energy resilience (reliability) through local generation, distribution, and long-duration storage, and taking carbon out of the atmosphere. Ballarat and our region are well-positioned and the time is now for us to progress partnerships that will deliver a new energy future to enhance our broader livability and deliver beneficial social and economic outcomes.

Membership of Committee for Ballarat continues to grow, despite the challenging times. We thank our members who continue to support us and have confidence in our purpose and vision. Our story is to create a thriving and vibrant regional community, recognised for its liveability, sustainability, and inclusiveness. We can only do this in collaboration with our members and the key stakeholders in the region.

We look forward to 2022 as collectively we look to inspire diverse thought leadership and unlock our potential.