A collage of 3 photos from the Future Shapers Project Management workshop

From Vision to Impact: Future Shapers Delve into Project Management Training


We have hit Community Project time in FS23 Land!

Recently we had our workshop on project management, to provide Future Shapers with the skills and knowledge needed to manage their community projects. The day was expertly delivered by Claire Huntington, Chief Storyteller, Business Story Lab (Alumni FS22).

The workshop also featured a session on measuring your project’s social impact with current FS23 participant, Jacki Whitwell from Jacki Whitwell Consulting.

Some reflections from the day:

“I spent the sessions engaged and learning… and came home feeling like my brain had been wrung out to dry. Claire was incredible – I loved exploring the theory of project management, then also having the chance to practically apply it in the activities.

Jacki’s session, for me, was like being before a guru. I learned the terminology around ‘project logic,’ the importance of applying it and how not to butcher it.

Probably my favourite line was that ‘we’re not proving what we’ve done… we’re improving what we do.”

“The empathy model was a wonderful way to start the day – identifying needs by asking those in need vs the white knight concept really resonated for me.  It is the essence of having conversations about us without us.”