Our Future Shapers explore Transport Connectivity in our region.


Well done to our Future Shapers in Syndicate Group 2 who designed and developed a Program Day focused on transport connectivity in our region. We visited Ballarat airport to learn about the capability expansion program and how this will benefit emergency management, pilot training and the many community groups that operate from the airport precinct. We explored e-mobility, emerging vehicle types and the role of urban design in facilitating non-car transport in Ballarat. We heard from Simon Coghlan who introduced us to ideas on precinct planning and reactivating our CBD and we were privileged to share a panel discussion including Councillor Belinda Coates, Executive Manager of Economic Growth at City of Ballarat, James Guy and representatives from My Voice on Creating a Connected, Accessible and Inclusive Community.

“It is always so exciting to see the agenda come out and I loved learning about this regional priority. These program days are always so inspiring to listen to various members of our community and the passion they bring to not only their work, but making a thriving, connected and sustainable region! Throughout the day, these leaders demonstrated how they were constantly challenging the status quo to ask “how can we do this better?” and they were enthusiastically committed to a vision that benefited the region.

A key takeaway from the day for me was… strong leadership engages people’s hearts and minds and when we care about making not only our organization successful, but the wider community we create change for something really special! It was also clear that change takes dedication to the small nudges (and jigsaw pieces) to build on change over time.”
Future Shaper 2022 Participant