3 photos from Future Shapers 23 Program Day

Unlocking Strengths and Connecting with Learning Partners


Future Shapers 23 Program Day

Our recent program day started with a meaningful session on the significance of Acknowledgement of Country by Shannen from Wadawurrung Traditional Owners. Shannen shared her story and knowledge, facilitating the Future Shapers in sharing their own connection to country and family.

FS23 participant: “Being encouraged to think more deeply about how I connect to country and care for country felt really important – not only in providing an Acknowledgement of Country but in everyday life.”

Next was Strengths profiling session, highlighting a strengths-based approach to productivity, relationships and achieving goals.

“I have grown up focused on trying to address my weaknesses which I think has led me down a path of struggling with self confidence at times. I’m looking forward to taking some time to explore this further and practicing to re-frame things.”

Our wonderful Learning Partners (mentors) joined the group for lunch and the afternoon, providing participants the chance to meet them in person and a panel session focussed on maximising the relationship through the year.

FS23 participant: “I was in awe to see the dedication and commitment of the learning partners.”