Not For Profit Membership category announced


Committee for Ballarat’s purpose is to inspire diverse thought leadership and unlock potential. Our vision is for a thriving and vibrant regional community recognised for its liveability, sustainability, and inclusiveness.

Our membership encompasses a broad cross-section of large and small regional organisations, companies, businesses and community leaders and in order to “inspire diverse thought leadership’, we need to continue to represent the diverse nature of our regional community.

To this end, we will soon be inviting eligible Not-for-Profit organisations who share our vision, to apply for the new Not-for-Profit membership.

NFP membership will be for 12 months with the option of extending for a further 12 months. A significantly discounted membership fee will be agreed and NFP members will share the benefits of Corporate level membership.

Applications will open soon and be advised through the Ballarat Courier and Committee for Ballarat’s social media channels.

All enquiries are welcome and can be directed to Michael Poulton via email: