Regional Victoria representation: COVID-19 Circuit Breaker


Commerce Ballarat, Ballarat Regional Tourism and Committee for Ballarat have today released a letter to the Premier Daniel Andrews, the Treasurer Tim Pallis, the Honourable Martin Pakula –
Minister for Industry Support and Recovery and Jaala Pulford – Minister for Small Business.

The letter has far-reaching support from regional Victoria with six Committees for Cities and nine regional Chambers of Commerce and Tourism.

The letter recognises the on-going health threat COVID-19 poses. It also acknowledges the Victorian Government’s efforts and the sacrifices all Victorians have made to beat the ‘second wave’ of the
virus. This is an outcome rarely achieved anywhere in the world.

The letter now urges the Government to reflect deeply on the implementation of the ‘Circuit Breaker’ and prepare a comprehensive plan for any further ‘shutdowns’ that may be necessary in the months ahead of us. Our hope is that such a plan is never needed, but a plan must exist regardless.

The letter addresses four key issues:
● A more nuanced approach when shutting down the state. A ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is not the answer in response to every potential outbreak
● Greater clarity and consistency for restrictions at each stage
● Communication through the relevant Government departments to handle the enquiries of business and the community in a more consistent, accurate and timely manner
● Greater clarity for the unique circumstances of our border communities.

We welcome the announcement of the State Government’s Circuit Breaker Package providing an additional $143 million to support those businesses most impacted by the shutdown.

We seek a constructive relationship with the Government in relation to these issues that are somewhat unique to regional Victoria.

All media enquiries to:
Michael Poulton, CEO, Committee for Ballarat, 0408 038 969
Jodie Gillett, CEO, Commerce Ballarat, 0447 301 966
Iain Gunn,  Chair, Ballarat Regional Tourism, 0417 665 045

A copy of the letter can be made available on request to Committee for Ballarat members.