State-wide Leadership Funding


Programs that build valuable skills, leadership and resilience in local communities across Ballarat and western Victoria are at risk due to the state government’s lack of commitment to ongoing funding.
Victorian Regional Community Leadership Programs (VRCLP) Secretariat is seeking a funding commitment over four years to give certainty to the nine regional community leadership programs being delivered across the state, including the Committee for Ballarat’s Future Shapers program.

Despite the funding uncertainty, the Future Shapers program will definitely go ahead in 2023. Without government support, the funding model will need to adapt, and rely on Committee, their partners and the participants to fund 100% of the program.

Despite two highly supportive State Government reviews in 2020 and 2021, great support form state-wide MP’s including Juliana Addison and Michaela Settle and many months of advocacy, the current State Government has not committed to an on-going funding agreement. This is extremely disappointing and will most likely result in a number of programs around the state simply closing their doors.

On behalf of the Alumni and potential Community Leaders across the state, Committee for Ballarat is calling on the State Government to endorse the recommendations of their own reviews and enable Regional Community Leadership Programs to continue their critical leadership capability development.