Sustainability and The Million Jobs Plan


Renewable Energy forms part of the make-up of a sustainable, liveable region and Committee has announced its ambition to work with its key stakeholders and the community, to develop Ballarat as a Sustainable City, carbon neutral, driven by 100% renewable energy.

To bring this to life, we need to build a coalition that includes business, government, the community and key influencers, to attract the investment needed to build the necessary interest that will ensure renewable energy drives our regional economy.

The benefits of this will:
– See us move towards cheaper, more reliable electricity, generated from local renewable sources and transmitted locally
– Potential for new industries and the associated economic stimulus and jobs growth
– Create a key differential for our region, economically, socially and environmentally
– Have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of our community
– Respond to Climate Change

Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) recently launched The Million Jobs Plan, you can see the launch and download the plan here.

We will continue to collaborate with BZE on this plan to ensure Ballarat is well placed it seize the opportunities it presents.