We’ve got this Ballarat


As we roll up our sleeve and savour the hope vaccination brings, take a moment to consider the amazing work of our health care professionals. Every jab they administer gets our community one step closer to a safer, COVID free community. A huge SHOUT OUT to those who are helping keep our community safe against COVID-19.

After crunching the numbers, Committee for Ballarat CEO Michael Poulton says we can get 80% of the eligible population over 16, vaccinated in just over 14 weeks.

OUR TARGET of 80% of the eligible population: = 110,000 (rounded up)

Currently double dosed vaccinations (22 Aug) = 35.4% of the eligible population = 48,400

This leaves 61,600 still needing to be fully vaccinated to reach 80%

TO REACH OUR TARGET 80% of the eligible population (16-85+yrs) Fully Vaccinated

  1. For those with a single dose, we need 26,900 vaccinations to have them double dosed
  2. For the 61,600 still requiring their double dose, we need 123,200 vaccinations
  3. In total = 150,100 vaccinations required to have 80% of our eligible population fully vaccinated.

We know more supply is coming so it’s time to Hit The Ball Out of the Park – it’s time to be BOLD.

Lift our vaccination rate to 8400 p/wk (1200 per day x 7 days) = 17.8 wks

Lift our vaccination rate to 10,500 p/wk (1500 per day x 7 days) = 14.3 wks

“If we can avoid any impacts that would impede our local roll-out, and if the community get fully behind this push, we can achieve full vaccination of 80% of our population by the start of December – or maybe even sooner,” Mr Poulton said.