CEO Update – June 2022


As we move towards the close of FY21-22, we reflect on what has been and plan for what is to come.

It is never lost on us that Committee’s strength is in our capacity to collaborate. We bring together our diverse, highly-regarded, and informed membership to enhance the long-term opportunities for our region’s social, environmental and economic prosperity.

Twelve months ago we were deep into a Vaccination Campaign along with our key members, Ballarat Health Services, Ballarat Community Health Services, UFS, the PHN Western Victoria and the City of Ballarat. By year’s end, Ballarat and our surrounding region had reached 95%+ 16 yo’s+, double dose vaccination.  In June 2022, we now see 95%+ 16 yo’s+ fully vaccinated (third dose). Whilst we all know COVID is still with us, the impacts on our health system, our community wellbeing and the overall economy has been drastically reduced, because of our incredible and collective response to vaccination.

Regional leadership development continues to be a significant and crucial component of our work. The Future Shapers 22 program is building on the previous 17 years of Leadership Development, delivering a program that integrates our community, our workplace and our regional priorities and partnerships. The 2022 cohort are about to embark on their Community Projects and we look forward to bringing you the outcomes of these.

Looking forward, the 2026 Commonwealth Games presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Victoria, Ballarat, and our region. We have the opportunity to leverage significant legacy infrastructure that will have a lasting benefit well beyond the Games. The City of Ballarat is key to the success of this potential legacy and Committee for Ballarat is working closely with the City to ensure our unique voice is heard by the Victorian Government and Commonwealth Games Australia.

In 2020 and 2021, Ballarat and the Central Highlands were among the Top 10 Growth regions in the country (RAI, Regional Movers Index, Jan 2022). Population growth continues to impact all sectors of our community and as we look to the immediacy of the November State election, we will not take our eye off the importance of our vision, well beyond this current election cycle.

Committee’s work to advocate for growth that enhances our region is as relevant now as it has ever been.