From the CEO – May 2022


The election on Saturday 21 May ushered in the 47th Parliament of Australia and with it our country’s 31st Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese.

Whilst its makeup is yet to be confirmed, it is clear that the 47th Parliament will be more representative of our diverse Australian community. With that, we hope for a vision and policies to match,  to help us through the challenges we face in our region, Australia, and around the world.

We hope too that the 47th Parliament will be a collaborative and constructive one, where the contest for ideas results in enhanced outcomes for all Australians.

On behalf of our members, Committee congratulates our local member Catherine King on her re-election.

We will commit to our continued advocacy with all appropriate members of the Government and the Parliament to ensure we keep striving for a thriving and vibrant regional community known for its liveability, sustainability, and inclusiveness.