Community Leadership Program – Future Shapers 2021


We are very excited about the future of our Community Leadership Program, aptly named Future Shapers for 2021.
Moving forward we will see a reinvigorated focus on turning intention into action for participants in the community leadership space.

Future Shapers has four pillars to its content and structure: Program Days, Learning Partners, Community Projects and Workplace Engagement. In 2021 we will enhance the focus on active engagement in community and workplace. With the support of the program, employer champions and learning partners, the program will empower participants with the skills and confidence they need to shape the future of our community, wherever their passion may lie.

After 15 years we need to ask ourselves, is our flagship Community Leadership Program important and integral to our community? The answer is yes…..

Yes, because our work is not done, our community is not complete and not all the voices have been heard. We do not have a level playing field for all and we want our future to shine bright for our future generations. 400+ alumni tell us that embracing what we value and understanding what is important brings the passion to give back.

Building local community leadership capacity is a non-negotiable for Committee, while our work with the state government to identify funding models is ongoing, we are resolute in our commitment to deliver this program in 2021 and beyond.

For further info and to register your interest in joining the Leadership Program 2021, Future Shapers, visit: